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Westwood Farm is the home of Colin and Emma Butcher, the farm is in the small hamlet of Westwoods in the county of Lincolnshire.

Westwood Farm was originally farmed by Colin’s Grandparents and following this his parents. Unfortunately, after this period the farm was sold out of the family however in 2015 the opportunity arose for Emma and Colin to buy back the farm.  In the intervening years Colin and Emma have always bred livestock and moving back to the family farm has given them opportunity to put their skills, experience, and passion into starting their own flock of sheep at the farm.  

Caring & Maintaining

Emma and Colin are very proud of their flock of sheep consisting of approx. 120 ewes which includes Texel and Suffolk Mules and Pedigree Lleyns.  


The flock graze on the grass land around Westwood Farm which enables Emma to monitor the flock to ensure they are happy and healthy in their environment.  Emma promotes animal welfare and is involved in all stages of caring and maintaining the flock from choosing breeds to lambing them herself and ensuring the growing flock continue to thrive, thus ensuing the most succulent meat and fabulous tastes to be experienced by the customer.      

Emma has developed the brand Westwood Farm Lamb following on from her thorough enjoyment of being fully involved in all areas of caring and maintaining the flock.  Westwood Farm Lamb enables the customer to be fully informed of just where the Lamb has come from how they have been cared for on the farm. Customers can meet Emma and her family and can be taken around the farm.  Emma believes there is nothing better for the customer than being able to see the flock in the fields surrounding the farm thus promoting customer confidence in the animal welfare standards which Westwood Farm uphold.  

Emma takes great care in promoting a quality diet for the Ewes and the growing lambs understanding the quality of the mother's diet plays an important role in the eventual nutritional quality of the growing lamb. The flock enjoy the pastureland at Westwood Farm, which consists of lush grasses and a variety of clovers.  The Ewes therefore provide first class milk to the lambs which are born in the early spring and this mixed with the lush spring grass means the lambs diet couldn’t be better and in return this provides lamb meat which is tender and full of flavour.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more

about Westwood Farm Lamb. 

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Small family business

Promotes animal welfare

Promotes a happy, healthy, and thriving flock 

Caring and compassionate about their livestock 

Good quality home grown Lincolnshire lamb

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